About Us

The company “E.P.S.A” Ltd. (Enforcement Private Service Albania), with head office in Tirana, operates in the Albanian market of the court private bailiff service.

EPSA realizes the execution of all obligations’ types that the article 510 of the Civil Procedure Code qualifies as executive titles: Civil and Penal final decisions; Decisions of the foreign courts as well as of the foreign and domestic arbitration; Notaries Acts containing monetary obligation; Acts on bank’s and non-bank’s loans; Checks and other Acts considered as executive titles (for example: electricity bills, water supply bills, etc.)

EPSA is a juridical entity registered at the National Registration Center NUIS: L02114025E, licensed by the National Licensing Center with License number LN-2062-09-2010, and registered at the Registry of the Court Private Bailiffs in the Ministry of Justice.

EPSA guarantees:

  • A professional, impartial and efficient service in full respect of the law and by-law provisions which regulate the activity of this Service.
  • A transparent and qualitative service, by always acting in the interests of the requesting party, without illegally impinging the rights and interests of the other party.
  • A protection of professional privacy, by respecting the principle of confidentiality for the parties participating in the procedures of enforced execution.

What is the Court Private Bailiff Service?

The Court Private Bailiff is an innovation in the organization and functioning of the Court Bailiff Service in the Republic of Albania, offering a competitive alternative to the Court Public Bailiff Service.

The court private bailiff or the Court Private Bailiff Company, during the execution of the activity, represents the authority delegated by the law.

The Court Private Bailiff Service is an independent function of a public nature practiced by licensed physical entities, which can be organized as commercial societies in accordance to the legislation in force.

The court private bailiff or the private bailiff company exercises its function in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania without any limits on territorial competence by the juridical districts.

The court private bailiff or the private bailiff company performs and maintains the duty under their own name and their own responsibility.

The court private bailiff or the private bailiff company is prohibited to appoint or authorize other entities to act under their name in an enforcement procedure without being licensed first.

The legal framework governing the procedural activity of the court private bailiff is:

  • Civil Procedure Code, articles 510 and following.
  • Law Nr. 10031 dated 11.12.2008 “For the Court Private Bailiff Service”, changed.